Moss Garden

About once a month, we try to head to the hills. It brings us back to reality, away from all the computer, phones, tvs and all the electronics and kayos that life brings to the table. When you take it all away, your just left with mother nature. She sure is mysterious and beautiful in so many ways. What had gotten my attention in this latest endeavor to Mt. Piscah, we were lucky to witness the changing leaves into their array of memorizing colors and textures. Trees that must have been 200 years old at least and were as wide as a kitchen table. Bark that is 5″ thick, and with such dimension and character and color that you wonder how this could have ever not been admired.

The other thing that we took interest in was the moss. Such variety in color, size, texture and location. It inspired us to create a little garden of our own at the office. We try to bring as much greenery into the area to give a sense of clam and relief to us and seems to help the stress or the designers block lift away. Is there something in your office that has this affect on you?

My next step is finding a little friend for it. A frog was my first intention but possibly a Snail, Salamander or a Newt.

Who knows where your next design may be influenced from….

Here is a site that may help guide you into creating your own little garden/terrarium in your own space.


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